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We are a Colorado-registered, international teacher placement company, founded in July of 2013. With eleven combined years in the ESL industry in Asia, we focus on placing experienced teachers in K-12 American international schools around the world, as well as those new to teaching at ESL academies, public schools and SAT test prep centers in Asia.

We work closely with each of our schools and if you examine our website, you can see we care deeply about two things: First is transparency in the recruitment process. There are lots of “teach English in Asia” recruiters with fast and often uncomfortable processes, however, we require in-depth multimedia profiles of schools and contact with current teachers. Secondly, we have an (optional, but highly recommended) personal and professional development program for our teachers, because teachers overseas can drift aimlessly without direction and focus. Goals are important, and we help all teachers set and track their goals during their time abroad to make it a valuable, unforgettable experience.

To qualify for our international K-12 subject positions, we seek certified teachers with a Masters of Education degree or certified teachers with two years of part or full time experience in their content area. For those new to teaching or certified with no experience, our public and private schools are ideal fits. Above all, we want to make our teachers comfortable with the opportunity in front of them, and happy to have made the decision to go with us.

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