10 Funny Teacher Shirt Designs

So I was browsing Zazzle.com and came across some very entertaining teacher-related t-shirts.  I got a kick out of them, and I wanted to share them with everyone.  I picked my top ten below.

#10  Ah! For the chemist in your life.

Elements Shirt. AH! the element of SURPRISE! ahah

#9  There is a hidden stash of chocolate in every school.  If you don’t know about about it, you must start making friends with the right teachers.

Special Education Teacher (Funny) Gift T-shirt 

8.  What’s your super power?

I'm a teacher, what's your super power? t shirts

7.  This is a cute one.

Primary Teacher Shirt

#6  Just awesome.  This shirt is even funnier when worn out of school in my opinion.

5.  Do you receive the same question a couple dozen times a day?  The solution is as easy as wearing a t-shirt.

4.  “Here it is!”
Funny Math T-shirt FIND X
3.  Yes.

#2.  This shirt is also available in different subject area teachers, but history is a perfect fit.

#1. Punctuation saves lives!
Keep in mind that Zazzle.com specializes in custom printing. If you want to purchase any of these designs, they can be printed on male or female style shirts, and many of the shirts can be changed from one type of teacher to the other with no problem at all.

Written by Kevin Cauto
10 Funny Teacher Shirt Designs
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