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The teacher resume is one of the most critical pieces of paper necessary for landing your dream teaching job. The vital information on that document can either set you apart from the crowd or get your application thrown in the waste bin with dozens of others. The resume is that first look at your qualifications, and if that presentation doesn’t give off a good first impression, your ship is sunk before you leave the dock. Your resume needs to be formatted and arranged in an appealing manner with no errors in spelling or grammar. It has to give off a sense of professionalism, and most importantly it has to present you is the most flattering way possible.

All I Need a Resume Template!

If all you need is a template to get started, you are in luck! Here’s a editable teacher resume template that you can use get started! Just change the information and you are good to go.

There are critical pieces of information that need to be present in every teacher resume. I will break them down in the sections below.

Identifying Header

Resume Header

First of all, your name should be written in large legible letters at the top of the document. In addition to that, your contact information should go right below that. The best phone number at which to reach you, your street address, and your email address are important and should be included here.

Certification Information

Uniquely for teachers, the next piece of information is your teaching certification. List all official certifications and be sure to be as specific as possible by including the grade level which you have certification.

College and University Information

Resume Education InformationThe next pertinent section is your educational background. You want to be sure to include the colleges you’ve attended, the degrees you’ve obtained, and your grade point averages at those places. You will want to include further academic accomplishments in this section. If your class rank is impressive, if you’ve made the dean’s list, or any other notable achievement, you want to make note of it in this section.

Teaching Experience

Resume Teaching Experience

In this section you want to list all of your teaching experience. Be sure to list the specific assignment location, what grade and classes you taught, and the dates in which you taught. Be sure to list these experiences from most recent to furthest in the past. If you are just starting out in the profession, just include your student teaching experiences as well as any formal classroom placements.

Optional Sections

It is common to include an objective or statement of purpose after the identifying header. The importance of this section has been debated, but it is seen more often than not.  Some say that your cover letter includes your objective statement, and therefore it is better left off of a resume.

Resume Objective StatementIn addition to your teaching experience, you should include any relevant employments outside of teaching. This is particularly favorable if you worked in a job closely related to education, such as a tutor, camp counselor, or daycare worker.

Resume Other Relavent ExperienceAnother worthy section that can be included at the bottom of your resume is volunteer work. School administrators like to hire individuals that are positive roll models, team players, and overall genuine human beings. Let your charity and volunteer speak for itself.

Lastly, there are a few other sections that can be put at the end of the resume depending on your area of expertise. If you have a knack for educational technology, be sure to include specific examples and proficiencies that may appeal to a school principal. If you have been published in a journal or have been presented with an award, you may want to add a special honors section to your document. If you have the room on your resume, and you can shed a positive light on your potential as a teacher, be sure to do so.

Avoid these mistakes at all costs!

In many ways, the realm of education is still very old fashioned.  In some professions, such as graphic design or technology, more creative resume designs have started to become more popular.  Resumes splashed with color and unorthodox font are not unheard of in more cutting-edge lines of work.  Unfortunately, education is still one of the most old fashion professions in this regard.  For many job recruiters in education, the idea of colorful resumes is appalling.  To avoid offending anyone, and to maintain professionalism, it is in your best interest to have a resume in black in white.  While you may see your contemporary resume as a reflection of your forward-thinking and creativity, you may actually be eliminating yourself straight away in the screening stages.  Along the same lines, avoid adding any pictures to a resume.


Written by Kevin Cauto

Teacher Resume
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